Friday, March 24, 2023

US Approval is Required for German Tanks in Ukraine

US Approval is Required for German Tanks in Ukraine
There is pressure on the German Chancellor to send tanks to Ukraine, but she will not do so without US consent.

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According to numerous reports, Germany will only send battle tanks to Ukraine if the US follows suit. Chancellor Olaf Scholz is coming under increasing domestic and international pressure to provide Leopard 2 tanks made in Germany or at the very least to approve their delivery by third countries.

Poland and Finland have both committed to sending their Leopards, but they must first obtain Germany’s approval. Berlin, however, is still in contact with the US to discuss its official stance. Following a meeting of Ukraine’s Western allies tomorrow at the American military base of Ramstein in southwest Germany, many anticipate an announcement.

According to reports, Mr. Scholz will only approve the Leopard tanks if US Vice President Joe Biden agrees to provide US Abrams tanks. However, the Pentagon’s top security adviser, Colin Kahl, said late on Thursday that the US wasn’t prepared to meet Kyiv’s demands for the tanks.