Friday, March 24, 2023

Trump feud, push-right politics characterize Arizona governor’s term

Trump feud, push-right politics characterize Arizona governor's term

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The huge claw of an excavator broke through the windows of a dilapidated state office building and started ripping off the facade while Arizona Governor Doug Ducey grinned. Midway through December, the departing Republican governor witnessed the materialization of a mission that has defined his eight-year administration: dismantling state government, during one of his last public appearances.

Additionally, in defiance of a Democratic president, Ducey lowered taxes, greatly increased school choice, restricted abortion, and erected a temporary wall on the border with Mexico, ticking nearly every conservative box. Ducey spent his two terms outwitting Democrats to advance Republican agendas, transforming his state in a decidedly conservative direction at a time when the conservative movement is almost exclusively focused on “owning the libs.”


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