Friday, March 24, 2023

Henan has more than 88 Million Infected Residents, According to an Official

Henan has more than 88 million infected residents, official says

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According to local health officials, the covid infection has now spread to nearly 90% of the population in Henan, China’s third most populous province. At a press conference, provincial official Kan Quancheng revealed that the number came to about 88.5 million people.

Since giving up its zero-Covid policies in December, China has been dealing with an unprecedented rise in cases. The action followed rare protests against lockdowns, quarantines, and mass testing.

Mr. Kan did not provide a timeline for when all the infections occurred. Still, given that China’s prior zero-Covid policy had successfully reduced cases, it is likely that most of Henan’s disorders took place over the previous few weeks. According to him, attendance at fever clinics in Henan peaked on December 19 and then “showed a continuous downward trend.”


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