Friday, March 24, 2023

Democrat Arizona’s Next Governor will be Katie Hobbs

Democrat Arizona's Next Governor will be Katie Hobbs

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As Arizona’s 24th governor and the state’s first Democrat since 2009, Katie Hobbs takes the oath of office on Monday. In a discreet ceremony at the state Capitol, Hobbs will officially succeed Republican Doug Ducey. On Thursday, Hobbs and other people assuming statewide positions will be inaugurated in front of the general public.

Hobbs, the departing secretary of state, began her career as a state lawmaker before becoming the leading Democrat in the Senate. As governor, she will have to cooperate with a House and Senate that Republicans narrowly control. The first session of the new Legislature will begin the following week.

Hobbs takes over in a state that is financially stable, has a robust economy, and is expected to have a sizable budget surplus in the upcoming fiscal year.


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