Friday, March 24, 2023

According to the White House, Biden’s House Doesn’t Keep Visitor Logs

White House says, Biden's House Doesn't Keep Visitor Logs
White House publishes a visitors log. But the White House Counsel's office, no such log is kept for presidents' private residences.

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According to the White House, there aren’t any visitor logs for President Joe Biden’s private residence. After classified documents were found in his Delaware home, Republicans demanded to see the records. At least 20 papers have been discovered at Mr. Biden’s residence and a Washington, D.C., office he used.

The records are from his time serving as vice president during the Obama presidency. The highest level of classification, “Top Secret,” was written next to some of them. It was reported earlier this month that secret documents had been discovered in a private office at the Penn Biden Center, a think tank in Washington. Following that, it was revealed that a second cache had been found at Mr. Biden’s residence in Wilmington, Delaware.

Five more pages of classified information were found on Thursday, the White House reported over the weekend. At the end of a presidency, all White House records must be turned over to the National Archives. The White House has stated that it fully cooperates and that the files were “accidentally misplaced.”